Roller hearth type batch cycle spheroidizing

Scope of application

This line of furnaces is designed and optimized for spheroidizing annealing, stress-relieving annealing, recrystallizing annealing, soft annealing and normalizing annealing it is best used for wire material, coils, bar steel, steel tubing and forged items.

Features of Spheroidizing Annealing Furnace

  • Enhanced computer monitoring of operating parameters detecting out of abnormal conditions, displaying outlier data, and sounding an audible alarm.
  • Fully automated material handling of unprocessed and processed material.
  • The system may be programmed to operate automatically or it may be manually controlled.
  • Uses an advanced infrared gas sensing system to analyze and control heat to minimize carbon contamination.
  • RX gas air tuned furnace using the newest dew point control system to ensure accurate control and to maintain the purity of the gas.
  • Automatic gas flow protection control using a time ratio method of control.
  • Full computerized monitoring of electricity, gas, and nitrogen flow.
  • Utilization of high quality, world-class burners and monitoring system.
  • Efficiently uses exhaust heat to pre-heat incoming air to 350℃ through a heat exchanger that saves 10-15% in fuel consumption.
  • Honeywell hi-quality hardware and software monitoring systems are integrated.
  • This furnace model can recycle the exhaust gas to dry the spheriodized wire material after acid washing. High quality and economical acquisition cost makes this furnace model your best choice.

More energy saving

The Spheroidizing annealing curve of RHBC Furnace compare with BELL Furnace。

  • RHBC Type Furnace 250.000Kcal/t
  • BELL Type Furnace 480.000Kcal/t

Processing Features

  • To ensure decarbonization standards.
  • To ensure the quality of mechanical properties after processing standards.

heating method

Natural gas heating

Standardize Selection Table

Products Type Using Size (mm)
( Width * Height * Length )
Charge Weight (Tons)
1800 * 2400 * 12600
70.87" * 94.49" * 496.1"
28 - 67
1800 * 2400 * 9000
70.87" * 94.49" * 354.3"
20 - 48
Products Type Using Size (mm)
( W * H * L )
Total Length Inlet and outlet platform Length Furnace body Charge Hook Height
Length Width 1 Width 2
RHBC-67T 1800 * 2400 * 12600 42080 13300 14515 2974 4439 8200
RHBC-48T 1800 * 2400 * 9000 31280 9700 10915 2974 4439 8200

Furnace body

SUMON Industrial (JiaShan) Co., Ltd.

Convection system

SUMON Industrial (JiaShan) Co., Ltd.


SUMON Industrial (JiaShan) Co., Ltd.

Feed Inlet Platform

SUMON Industrial (JiaShan) Co., Ltd.

Feed Outlet Platform

Control system

SUMON Industrial (JiaShan) Co., Ltd.

Monitoring picture system

SUMON Industrial (JiaShan) Co., Ltd.

Computer operation stations

SUMON Industrial (JiaShan) Co., Ltd.

Spheriodizing annealing curve

SUMON Industrial (JiaShan) Co., Ltd.



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